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Costa Rica Las Lajas Unicorn Honey

Costa Rica Las Lajas Unicorn Honey

  • Country: Costa Rica Las Lajas

  • Micromill: Las Lajas, Finca La Julia

  • Variety: Catuai, Caturra

  • Process Method: Honey

  • Altitude: 1400-1600 masl

  • Harvest Schedule: December–April

Discover the Rich Taste of Costa Rica Las Lajas Unicorn Honey Coffee

Immerse yourself in the unique and flavorful experience of Costa Rica Las Lajas Unicorn Honey coffee, a premium selection that stands out in the world of specialty coffees. Sourced from the fertile lands of Costa Rica's Central Valley, this coffee offers a rich taste profile that coffee aficionados will cherish.

The Unique Las Lajas Micromill Process

At the heart of its distinctiveness is the innovative Black Honey process used by the Chacon family, the esteemed producers behind this exceptional coffee. This meticulous method involves drying the coffee cherries with all of their flesh intact, turning them only once a day to ensure a perfect balance of sweetness and body. The result? A coffee that boasts a bold and robust flavor profile, with inviting notes of tropical fruit and a sumptuous heavy body that lingers on your palate.

Why Choose Las Lajas Unicorn Honey?

  • Exclusivity: Sourced from Finca La Julia, a renowned farm known for its high-quality production and innovative processing methods.
  • Quality: Grown at altitudes of 1400-1600 masl, ensuring the beans develop their full flavor potential.
  • Sustainability: Produced by third-generation coffee growers who prioritize sustainable farming practices.
  • Flavor: A complex, sweet, and unique taste that brings the coffee experience to a whole new level.

A Taste That Makes a Difference

The dedication to quality and sustainability by the Chacon family not only makes Costa Rica Las Lajas Unicorn Honey coffee an extraordinary product but also a choice that supports ethical coffee production practices. Experience the difference in every sip, with a coffee that enriches your mornings and leaves a lasting impression.

Your Morning Deserves the Best

Enhance your coffee routine with a cup of Costa Rica Las Lajas Unicorn Honey. It's more than just a coffee; it's an experience that awakens your senses and sets the tone for a delightful day. With its unique flavor profile, sustainable background, and exceptional quality, this coffee is sure to become your new favorite.

Shop now and taste the unmatched experience of Costa Rica's finest. Add Las Lajas Unicorn Honey to your cart today and elevate your coffee moments.

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