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Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe

Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe

Discover the Exquisite Taste of Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Coffee

Origin & Excellence

From the revered washing station of Idido, in the heart of the Yirgacheffe region, comes our Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe coffee. Grown at elevations between 1850-1880 MASL within the luscious environment of Idido, this coffee boasts heirloom Ethiopian varieties that encapsulate the essence of its origin.

A Taste Like No Other

Nurtured in red-brown clay soils, our coffee undergoes a natural process that accentuates its sparkling acidity, nuanced floral characteristics, and articulate sweetness. It represents the pinnacle of Ethiopian coffees, celebrated for its distinct flavor profiles varying from rich chocolatey undertones to vibrant floral notes that are nothing short of captivating.

Traceability & Quality

Thanks to the reforms allowing direct exports, our Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe offers unmatched traceability and quality. We proudly support the local farmers and washing stations, ensuring you receive a product that's not only superior in taste but also in ethics and impact.

Don't miss out on this unparalleled coffee experience. Elevate your coffee rituals with the exceptional, directly sourced Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe. Add to cart now and taste the difference of true Ethiopian heritage in every cup.


Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Cocco and mild sweetness

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